JBoss AS 7 on Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a popular single-board computer based on an ARM processor. This system is capable of running Linux. Java is also available for Linux on ARM as OpenJDK and Oracle Java SE. With JBoss AS 7 exists a lightweight Java EE 6 compliant application server. Sounds like an interesting environment to run little embedded Java EE applications. So will JBoss AS run on a small Raspberry Pi? Continue reading

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Alt Gr Key Doesn’t Work on Windows 7 Anymore — A Solution

A few days ago on my German keyboard the Alt Gr key didn’t work anymore. When I tried to enter special characters such as ~, @ and | I used the typical German key combinations [Alt Gr] + [+], [Alt Gr] + [q] and [Alt Gr] + [<]. I was supprised that Windows 7 returned me +, q and < as I did not pressed Alt Gr at all. I was shocked because how should I live with a system that cannot provide @ for email addresses or | for piping in SSH sessions to Unix and Linux any more? Continue reading

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Oliver Müller Speaks at JUDcon 2012: China in Beijing about JBoss AS7 on z/OS

Last week Red Hat announced the agenda of JUDcon 2012: China which is taking place at Beijing from November 29th until November 30th 2012. November 29th 2012 at 1:00 PM CST I will speak about JBoss on z/OS in track 3 in session 3.  Read my session summary here.
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How to build GNU Emacs on OpenVMS

OpenVMS comes with several text editors on board. All fulfill their purpose well. For a supporter of GNU Emacs you might also want to have your favorite editor on OpenVMS, too. This post shows you how to bring GNU Emacs onto OpenVMS 8.x. It shows how to compile and link GNU Emacs on OpenVMS as well as how to remove some OpenVMS specific pitfalls in configuration.

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A New Blog is Born

After a while of planing, installing, and testing it’s time to launch it. Yet another blog… About an “exotic” subject: professional IT. What’s this blog about?

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