A New Blog is Born

After a while of planing, installing, and testing it’s time to launch it. Yet another blog… About an “exotic” subject: professional IT. What’s this blog about?

I worked already for several magazines, and publishers in the wide field of IT and computer science in Germany and USA. I published already until today (October 19th 2012) over 230 articles, and 6 textbooks in a career of nearly 20 years. Additionally I have worked as an editor and developed several special issues of PC Magazin and a journal called Go!Linux, later PC Linux. So I love to write and publish about my subject.

Besides my articles and books which are published by journals, webzines, and publishing companies there are always other useful information to provide. There are some hints which make the life of an IT professional a bit easier. These hints are either to short to fill a whole article or of very special interest. Such information I will provide here additionally to my websites www.cogito-ergo-sum.org and oliver-mueller.com.

Futhermore I give here announce information about training courses which I provide and my lectures and sessions at conferences. These information I also provide additionally to my websites and the social networks in which I am an active member.

I hope the provided information will be of use for you.

Kind regards,
Oliver Müller

PS: If you are interested in my articles, books, and magazines you will find additional information about them here:

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