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Mac OS X: Icons of Apps Disappeared from Launchpad

A Solution for OS X Yosemite and OS X El Capitan as well as older releases like OS X Mavericks Sometimes it is strange. Suddenly icons of apps are disappearing from the Launchpad. If you open the applications folder in … Continue reading

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OS X: Some Icons Suddenly Disappeared in Finder

Suddenly some icons, not all, disappeared in my Finder on my MacBook.  A restart and clearing the caches could not solve this problem. Fortunately a reinstallation of OS X was not necessary because the solution was so simple…

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OS X: Aquamacs and GNU Emacs — Keyboard Problems on the Mac

If you are — like I — one of those strange people who are not using a keyboard with US layout on a Mac, you might encounter a real problem while using the apps Aquamacs and GNU Emacs on OS … Continue reading

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